1838 (Approx)

The approximate year of birth of Sree Sai Baba is 1838.
Reference: Satcharita Chp.10, ovi 43

1842 to 1854

Sree Sai Baba is deemed to have spent 12 years with his Guru. No one knows for certainty who was his Guru.


Arrival of Devidas, at the age of 10-11, in Shirdi. Reference: Satcharita Chp.5, ovi 147

1854 to 1857

Sree Sai Baba’s manifestation in Shirdi at the approx. age of 16, under the Margosa (neem) tree.


Sree Sai Baba disappeared from Shirdi. Reference: Satcharita Chp.5, ovi 3


Sree Sai Baba re-appeared in Shirdi with marriage party of Chandbhai Patil’s nephew. Reference: Satcharita Chp.5, ovi 23


Sri Akkalkote Maharaj’s Nirvana. Reference: ‘Sree Guru Leelamrut’


Visit of Saint Anandnath from Yeola to Shirdi. He called Baba a Gem. Reference: Satcharita Chp.5, ovi 42


Sree Sai Baba raised his prana high up and went into samadhi for 3 days. Reference: Satcharita Chp.44, ovi 64


Abdullah came to Shirdi from Nanded to be with Sree Sai Reference: Devotees’ Experiences

1892 (approx.)

Nanasaheb Chandorkar came to Shirdi for the first time Reference: Biography of Chandorkar by Deo

1894 (approx.)

Das Ganu Maharaj came to Shirdi with Chandorkar, for the first time. Reference: Saint Das Ganu by A.D.Athavale


Gopal Gund (a circle inspector of Kopargaon) started Urus fair in Shirdi. Reference: Satcharita Chp.6, ovi 47


Nanasaheb Rasne was born, to Damu Anna, after a Blessing from Baba Reference: Satcharita Chp.25, ovi 102


Baba slept on a narrow plank hung from the rafters by rags in the masjid. Reference: Satcharita Chp.10, ovi 15-17

Tatya Patil began to sleep near Baba in the Masjid. Reference: Satcharita Chp.8, ovi 122

1899 / 1900

Biniwale, brother-in-law of Nana Chandorkar, visited Shirdi – without taking darshan of Datta Temple on the bank of Godavari River. Reference: Satcharita Chp.38, ovi 146


Chandorkar’s son Bapu, innocently applied sandal paste on Baba’s forehead; and thereafter other devotees got courage to follow suit.

1900-1902 (approx.)

Baba explained the Gita to Chandorkar, like a learned Pandit. Reference: Satcharita Chp.39 50


Das Ganu left Govt. service and began to do Kirtans at Nanded. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences

Das Ganu’s ‘Santa Kathamrit’ was published. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences


Rao Bahadur H.V. Sathe came to Shirdi at the age of 49. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences

1904 or 1905

Chandorkar’s daughter Minatai suffered during confinement. Baba sent Udi Arati with Bapugir Gosavi from Shirdi, to ensure safe delivery. Reference: Satcharita Chp.33


Das Ganu’s ‘Bhakta Leelamrut’ was published Reference: Devotees’ Experiences

Chandorkar was transferred to Pandharpur; the leela of Baba’s Bhajan Reference: Satcharita Chp.7, ovi 111 - 120


Radhakrishnabai i.e. Sundarabai Kshirsagar, a widow, came to Shirdi from Pandharpur, aged around 25 years. Reference: ‘Sai Sarovar’ Part2


Rao Bahadur Sathe’s Wada was built in Shirdi. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences and Pradhan

Kashiram Shimpi’s death on Ekadasi day of Chaitra, Shukla Paksh Reference: Forward of Satcharita


2nd November 1909 Hari Sitaram Dixit came to Shirdi for the first time. Reference: Satcharita Chp.4, ovi 157


Till this year, there were many occasions when Baba cooked in his Handi. Then the naivedya brought by the devotees increased to such an extent that all were amply fed without Baba having to do the cooking. Reference: Satcharita Chp.38


Kakasaheb Dixit’s Wada was thrown open to devotees on Ramnavmi day, after the house warming rituals. Reference: Satcharita Chp.4, ovi 66


Sagun Meru Naik came to Shirdi at the age of 23 and began running a public eating place at Baba’s command. Reference: Satcharita Chp.5 ovi 61 Chp.26 - ovi 130


Sapatnekar, for the first time, came to Shirdi with his brother. Reference: Satcharita Chp.48, ovi 74 etc.


22nd February 1914 B.V. Deo, Mamlatdar of Dahanu, is accused of stealing a rag by Baba; and after being angry he was ordered to read the Dñyaneshwari. Reference: Satcharita Chp.41, ovis 88 137


Ramnavmi 1915 Das Ganu performed kirtan and continued to do so, thereafter, every year. Reference: Sacharita Chp.6, ovi 116


Radhakrishnamai passed away at the age of 35. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences


Sathe from Mumbai did the ‘parayan’ of ‘Guru Charitra’. Reference: Satcharita Chp.18, ovi 43-57


Moreshwar Waman Pradhan bought the Lendi Bagh and later on gifted it to the Sansthan Reference: Pradhan


Nanasaheb Nimonkar passed away at Pune. Reference: Satcharita Chp.12, ovis 56-66


Narayan Motiram Jani of Nashik had a dream vision of Baba coming out of a cellar and assuring him that his health would improve and that he would be on his feet within a week. Reference: Satcharita Chp.33, ovi 126


Writing of ‘Sri Sai Satcharita’ commenced in the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra. Reference: Satcharita Chp.53 ovi 179

11th September 1922 Mhalsapati passed away in Shirdi on Ekadasi. Reference: Life of Sai Baba by Narasimha Swamiji


April 1923 The first issue of ‘Sai Leela’ was published with Laxman Ganesh alias Kaka Mahajani as Editor.


30th September 1924 S.S. Navalkar bought Sathe Wada and his heirs gifted it to the Sansthan in 1939. Reference: Pradhan

Balaram Dhurandhar passed away at the age of 47. Reference: Satcharita Chp.51 ovi 198


Das Ganu’s book ‘Bhakti Saramrut’ was published. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences

17th August 1925 Hazrat Tajuddin Baba passed beyond the veil in Nagpur at the age of 64. Reference: Satcharita Chp.41 ovi 29


Bapusaheb Jog passed away at Sakori at the age of 70. His Samadhi is near Datta Mandir. Reference: Satcharita Chp.28 ovi 75, Chp.44 ovi 145


Ganesh Damodar alias Dada Kelkar, father-in-law of Rao Bahadur Sathe passed away. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences


In the month of Jeshtha, Satcharita was completed, but in Chp.52, the "Avatarnika" i.e. the Table of Contents or Review was not found though Dhabholkar referred to it.


26th November 1930 Sree Sai Satcharita was first published as a book by Ramchandra Atmaram Tarkhad and the rights were vested in the Sansthan.


8th August 1935 K. J. Bhishma, author of ‘Sai Sagunopasana’ (Aratis) passed away at the age of 81. Reference: Sri Sai Leela October ‘87


Laxman Ganesh alias Kaka Mahajani passed away and Amravati’s Ganesh Shrikrishna, alias Dadasaheb, Khaparde passed away at age of 84. Reference: Satcharita Chp.6, 12, 13


B.V. Narasimha Swamiji of Chennai, began spreading the word about Sai Baba and this resulted in people from South India coming to Shirdi for pilgrimage. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences Preface


26th April 1940 Madhavrao Deshpande (Shyama) passed away at the age of 80. Reference: Sant Chudamani

29th June 1940 Bhausaheb S.B. Dhumal, Advocate of Nashik passed away at age of 67. Reference: Satcharita Chp.12, ovi 46


20th January 1941 Damu Anna Rasne passed away. Reference: Satcharita Chp.25


'Sri Sai Leela' magazine's publication was discontinued for a period of 3 years. It was re-started in 1947.


Tatya G. Kote Patil passed away.


Balasaheb Dev passed away.


R. B. Purandhare passed away.


Ram-navmi 1951 A large courtyard was built, extending the capacity of the Samadhi Mandir, to accommodate 400-500 devotees. Reference: Plaque on wall


29th September 1952 A golden ‘Kalash’ or pinnacle was fitted on the Samadhi Mandir Reference: Sai Leela Oct.Nov.Dec.1952


14th July 1953 Wamanrao Patil took Sanyas, at the age of 64 and assumed the name of Shri Sai Sharananda Reference: Sai Baba Sharan Pg. 380


April 1954 Abdul Baba passed away at the age of 83. Reference: Life of Sai Baba Vol. III


19th October 1956 B.V. Narasimha Swamiji passed away at the age of 82.


Das Ganu Maharaj passed beyond the veil at the age 95 (Kartik Ekadashi).


2th June 1963 Lakshmibai Tukaram Shinde, who was given 9 coins, passed away. Reference: Satcharita Chp. 42


Ramchandra Dada Patil passed away. Reference: Satcharita Chp.42


New Board of Trustees of the Sansthan was appointed with Dr. P.K. Sawant as the Chairman for 4 years followed by Shri M. R. Patil for 1 year.


1st September 1989 New Board of Trustees of the Sansthan was appointed with Prof. Dr. Lekha Pathak as the Chairperson


4th May 1990 Foundation Stone of 'Bhakta Niwas' was layed on 4th May 1990.


1st September 1994 New Board of Trustees of the Sansthan was appointed with Shri DM Sukhtankar as the Chairman.


The Samadhi Mandir Complex was completely renovated and Sathe Wada was demolished.


23rd August 2004 New Board of Trustees of the Sansthan was appointed with Shri JM Sasane as the Chairman.


18th Oct 2018 Shirdi saibaba 100 years sathabdi Celebrations