Sivanesan Swamiji

Sivanesan Swamiji

----12th April 1927 to 12th February 1996 ( Night around 12:10 )

Pujyaya Dharma Padaya Saitatva Vrathayacha
Sadashivaya Shantaya Sri Sivanesan Swami
Gurubhyo Namaha

Sivanesan Swamiji
Sivanesan Swamiji was born at Nayakkarpalayam in Coimbatore district on the Ramanavami (i.e. 12th April, 1927). His parents Alamelu and Muthaiah were cultured and well off. He was the youngest child, who was really not interested in formal education, though He did study upto 8lh standard. He was withdrawn and would wander of to far off places and meditate in solitude, often missing His meals. He was searching for that light and after His mother's death He left home. He came to Bombay, and did various jobs, there He met Muthaiah Swami of Vallanadu village who became His mentor and Guru. He Progressed rapidly spiritually, and learnt much about the Self, and Vedanta. Deep in His heart He was longing for 'the light'. He left Bombay and wandered about, and had a brief stay at Nityanand Ashram. From thence to Nasik and finally to Shirdi in 1953. As soon as He stepped into the Dwarakamai, He knew He had found ‘The Light' and Baba enveloped Him with His grace. The love and bond between the two was so deep that He never left Shirdi.

His life at Shirdi was an endless 'Seva routine'. He worked and cleaned every temple in Shirdi, but his favourite was DWARAKAMAI. The lamps of Dwarakamai shone like gold, after He cleaned them. He was made incharge of the Chavadi. He looked after it lovingly but never forsook Dwarakamai. In His spare time He would clean the Dwarakamai from top to bottom.

His clothes were a simple white and he was just as pure. Any dakshina he received was immediately spent on buying sacred books or food for the poor. Swamiji was a voracious reader and a linguist. He knew about ten languages, thus he held Satsang with anybody, advising and helping them along (using the mother tongue of the devotees). He was a great advocate of ‘Pradakshina' and would be up, and doing pradakshina around Gurusthan at about 3.00 or 3.30 AM, thence it was Lendi Bagh and Datta Mandir. He also advised his devotees to do the same for their health, and spiritual well being. He started the Chavadi Bhajans after the Evening Arati for an hour. His favourite was "Sai Bhavani" which is sung the world over.

Dhuni Puja was a 'must' ritual with him. Many devotees have benefitted from this and are continuing to do so. He gave Baba's Udi and Tirth to everyone who went to see him and nobody returned empty handed. But life at Shirdi was not easy. He often went hungry and without a place to rest. But this only made Him more energetic, it seems.

He was an apostle of Baba and He spread Baba's name throughout the world, by asking Baba devotees to build Baba temples, write their experiences, do Satsang and Naam Jap.

After short illness He took Mahasamadhi on 12th February, 1996. His Mahasamadhi is on Pimpalwadi Road about two and half kilometres from Prasadalay. The Sree Sadguru Sivanesan Swamiji Gurukulam, his Samadhi and the Museum is maintained by M/s.Meher Dhun Endowment Trust (R) as a Public Charitable Trust.

Sivanesan Swamiji Sivanesan Swamiji
Sivanesan Swamiji

When one's ego is completely annihilated and there is left no trace of it, I Myself shall enter into him and shall Myself write My own life" - Baba's declaration while blessing Sri Hemadpant to write Sri Sai Satcharitra. Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji who lived in Shirdi for 45 years and took samadhi in 1996 is the solid proof of this statement. With Sai seva in perfection with absolutely no claim by himself to mention, he was an exemplary Sai devotee to show the world how the Guru-sishya relation should be i.e. eventhough two personalities one in his Guru Sadguru Sainath and the other in himself existed physically but the soul in both was one. In other words eventhough the physical frame named Pujyasri Sivanesan Swamiji was there, in reality, it was Baba who acted perfectly from within the Swamiji. Even during his final period disclaiming any kind of importance for him the revered Swamiji wished that devotees should follow Baba, chant His sweet name, paving way for their merger into Baba Himself. Praying Baba that Dattaguru Bhandara Trust and its associated devotees may also follow the path of Swamiji, Dattaguru Bhandara Trust is pleased to dedicate everything connected with it to the holy feet of the Swamiji. Let Baba through our beloved Swamiji bless every soul attached to the Trust.

Sivanesan Swamiji

Although Swamiji is not with us in the physical body, His love and legacy lives on. Numerous Baba Temples are found all over the world. These were constructed upon his advice and instructions. His love for ‘Naam Jap’ and ‘Bhajans’ have flourished everywhere. In Gangapur there is a trust by name “Dattaguru Bhandara Trust (R)” Dattagurubhandara who have dedicated the trust to Pujyasri.Sivanesan Swamiji, where there is Akhand Naam Jap and Nitya Anna Daan throughout the year. Most endearing is that Swamiji gives dream visions and Sakshatkar in which he advices, encourages and blesses and inspires his devotees to continue doing Saibaba’s Seva.

Sivanesan Swamiji Samadhi Mandir, Pimpalwadi Road, Shirdi.

Sivanesan Swamiji Samadhi Mandir is open from 5:30 AM in the morning till 11:00 PM in the night.

Daily Programmes in Swamiji Ashram

Aarti Timings :
Kakad Aarti Madhyanha Aarti Dhoop Aarti Shej Aarti
5:30 AM 12:30 PM 6:30 PM 10:00 PM

Large Scale celebration of festivals:
1. 12th April of every year – Sivanesan Swamiji Birth Day.
2. 12th February of every year – Swamiji Punyatithi
3. Datta Jayanthi
4. Ramanavami
5. Vijayadashmi 6. Gurupoornima - Palki Utsav
7. Deepavali

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Pimpalwadi Road, Shirdi.
Maharashtra, India.
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