Moreshwar Waman Pradhan bought the Lendi Bagh and later on gifted it to the Sansthan Reference: Pradhan

Prof. Narke, son-in-law of Bapusaheb Butti, got assignment at Engineering College of Pune. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences of Narasimha Swamiji

August 1918 Baba gave a glassful of butter milk to Hemadpant and cajoled him to drink. Reference: Satcharita Chp.38, ovi 182

August 1918 (approx.) As Baba knew that he would shortly be leaving his mortal coil, he entrusted Karim with food and Rs. 250/- to be given to Shamsudin Fakir in Aurangabad to do rites according to Islam. Karim was also asked to reach Banne Mian with a message, naming the day and the month of Islamic calendar when the Light would be extinguished. Reference: Devotees’ Experiences of Narasimha Swamiji Vol. 3

Ganesh Chaturthi 9th September 1918 Das Ganu Maharaj completed the "Stavanamanjari" at Maheshwari on the banks of the Narbada River. Reference: Stavanamanjari ovi 159

28th September 1918 As Baba had fever for the last 2-3 days, he decided to abstain from food and he became weaker day by day. Reference: Letter of Prof. Narke

1st October 1918 Sai Baba told a devotee named Vaze to commence reading ‘Ram Vijay’ and he listened to it for 14 days. Reference: Satcharita Chp.43, ovi 35

8th October 1918 Baba gave “Mukti” to a tiger of the dervishes. Reference: Satcharita Chp.31, ovi 166

Tuesday 15th October 1918 On Vijayadashmi Lakshmibai Shinde received from Baba a charity of Rs. 9/- and later on the same day around 2.30 pm, by which time it was Ekadashi, Baba left his mortal coil. Reference: Satcharita Chp.42, ovi 11

Wednesday 16th October 1918 Laxman Mama Joshi got a dream vision of Baba calling him to do Kakad Arati in Shirdi. Das Ganu Maharaj also saw a dream in which Baba told him that He was leaving Shirdi and he should hasten with "bakul" flowers. Reference: Satcharita Chp.43, ovis 162-3, Chp.42, ovis 69-71

Wednesday 16th October 1918 Staunch devotee Amirbhai Shakkar from Bombay and the Mamlatdar from Kopergaon arrived. Debates disputes took place about the site where Baba’s body should be interred. Ultimately, Butti Wada was chosen for Baba’s Samadhi.Reference: Satcharita Chp.43

Wednesday 16th October 1918 Sai Baba’s body was taken in procession and then interred in the ‘garbha’ of Butti Wada in the evening. Reference: Prof. Narke’s letter of 5-11-1918

27th October 1918 Thirteen days after Baba’s Mahanirvan, the obsequies were performed by the devotees, led by Balasaheb Bhate Upasani Maharaj. Reference: Satcharita Chp.44

27th October 1918 Nanavali, deeply mourning Baba, passed away on the thirteenth day, calling out to Him: ‘Kaka, Kaka’, as he used to. Nanavali’s Samadhi is in the Lendi Bagh. Reference: Satcharita Chp.10 ovi 106 Devotees’ Experiences

5th November 1918 Seth Kushalchand passed away. Reference: Satcharita Chp.8 ovi 131

24th - 26th December 1918 The devotees in Shirdi appointed a committee under the Chairmanship of Bapusaheb Butti to organize daily rituals at Baba’s Samadhi. Reference: Pradhan

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