Till this year, there were many occasions when Baba cooked in his Handi. Then the naivedya brought by the devotees increased to such an extent that all were amply fed without Baba having to do the cooking. Reference: Satcharita Chp.38

Ramchandra Atmaram alias Babasaheb Tarkhad from Bandra, Mumbai, for the first time, came to Shirdi. Reference: Pradhan

May 1910 Moreshwar Pradhan from Santacruz, Mumbai, for the first time, came to Shirdi. Reference: Devoteess’ Experiences

Annasaheb Dabholkar’s first darshan of Sai Baba and being named as Hemadpant. Reference: Satcharita Chp.2, ovi 137 etc.

B. V. Deo’s first darshan of Sai Baba, because of Chandorkar Reference: Satcharita Chps. 40 41

Shriman Butti of Nagpur began to stay at Shirdi. Reference: Pradhan

Harishchandra Pitale’s son was cured; and he was given Rs.2/-. Reference: Satcharita Chp.26, ovi 57

Baba saved the life of blacksmith’s daughter by thrusting his arm into the Dhuni and his arm got burnt, on Dhanteras day. Dr. Parmanand came from Bombay to heal it; Bhagoji Shinde, the leper devotee, got the opportunity to dress the wound and massage the arm. Reference: Satcharita Chp.7, ovi 73 onwards

5th December 1910 Dadasaheb Khaparde from Amravati came for the first time to Shirdi (and returned on 12th Dec.) Reference: Khaparde Diary

10th December 1910 Baba gave his consent to Kakasaheb Dixit to build his own wada. Reference: Satcharita Chp.4, ovi 164

Christmas 1910 Lala Lakhmichand visited Shirdi. Reference: Satcharita Chp.28, ovi 23

December 1910 Madrasi Sanyasi, Vijayanand, died in Shirdi Reference: Satcharita Chp.31, ovi 56

Megha returned to stay permanently in Shirdi. His first visit was in 1908 approx. Reference: Satcharita Chp.28, ovi 145

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