Narayan Motiram Jani of Nashik had a dream vision of Baba coming out of a cellar and assuring him that his health would improve and that he would be on his feet within a week. Reference: Satcharita Chp.33, ovi 126

Anna Saheb Dabholkar got an assignment for six months at the Secretariat. Reference: Satcharita Chp.3, ovi 161

Bapusaheb Butti, the builder of the stone wada which has become the Samadhi Mandir, passed away at Mumbai. Reference: Pradhan

August 1921 Nanasaheb Chandorkar passed away at Kalyan, Mumbai at the age of 61. Reference: Dev’s Biography of Baba

Sree Saibaba Sansthan was established, with the consent of the Ahmednagar District Court. Reference: Pradhan

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